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Great copy takes readers and makes them customers. It’s the glue that binds your marketing, the oats in the oatmeal of online sales. Copy persuades, educates, elucidates. Ask for more from your copy—great writing is a weapon too rarely used.

There’s a common misconception in tech that good products speak for themselves. But it’s not that easy. Unless you’re Apple, with a rabid fan base happy to take chances on your every new release, you have a deluge of marketplace noise to cut through, just to get heard. Only crisp, expertly crafted persuasive copy gets the job done. Until you commit resources to telling your product stories, your products won’t reach their full potential.

As a copywriter, Ben Bray has over five years of experience boosting products to perform at the top of their game, winning mind share and market share.

Featured Projects

ITRS Group is a leading provider of IT monitoring software, serving the largest banks in London.
ITRS needed new copy for their product pages to improve organic search traffic and distill their complex products into unique selling points that drive conversions.
New copy for product pages (will be visible when the website updates soon).
Private Properties is a leading luxury holiday home rental company in South West Australia.
Private Properties was launching a new business line and website to sell luxury homes on commission, rather than rent them to holidaymakers. They needed an entirely new, dedicated website that sold the new service.
Complete website copy, telling a cohesive story about who their customers are and how the service is designed for them.

Copywriting Services

  • - Website Writing
  • - Sales Copy
  • - Landing Page Copy
  • - Though Leadership
  • - Whitepapers
  • - Article Writing
  • - Ghostwriting
  • - Corporate Blogging
  • - Engineering Blogging
  • - SEO Content Writing
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