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When enough people believe a story, it makes history. Stories stoke bull markets and bear markets alike. Stories win campaigns and lose them; start wars and end them. In business, stories are multi-channel, multi-touchpoint, and often the difference between success and failure. And you're more reliant on stories than you think.

For tech companies, each product you release has a story embedded inside by virtue of the product's features and capabilities, and the characteristics of the target market that values them. It's up to you to tell that product story in a way that effectively positions the product and leads to consumer satisfaction.

What kind of stories are you telling your customers? Your talent? Your potential partners and acquirers? If you’re not professionally telling your company’s stories, you’re at the mercy of a thousand anecdotes.

It’s time to seize the narrative.

Featured Projects

Juvo Mobile, a San Francisco based, venture-backed startup dedicated to expanding worldwide financial access.
JUVO needed a restatement of their company values to better communicate who they are as a company, how they work, and what the team culture is like, with the end goal of attracting talent and partners.
New About page company values.
Private Properties is a leading luxury holiday home rental company in South West Australia.
Private Properties was launching a new business line and website to sell luxury homes on commission, rather than rent them to holidaymakers. They needed an entirely new, dedicated website that sold the new service.
Complete website copy, telling a cohesive story about who their customers are and how the service is designed for them.

Stories for Prospective Customers

  • - Tell credibility building stories about the problem space your customers encounter.
  • - Define your market in way that positions your product to beat out the competition.
  • -Make your company blog the go-to resource in your industry.

Stories for Investors and Partners

  • - Craft a winning pitch deck.
  • - Write effective investor relations content.
  • - Cement your reputation for innovation with powerful thought leadership.
  • - Be top of mind when big companies are looking for strategic partners.

Stories for Recruiting

  • - You’re not just another company. Tell the story of your mission, values, and culture. Bring in highly motivated talent that want to work for YOU in particular.
  • - Maintain a standout engineering blog that evangelizes your technology, gives insight into how your team takes on substantive technical challenges, and inspires experienced engineers to apply for your open positions.
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